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Endless scenario possibilities

Our platform offers you an infinite number of automations. Thanks to our loops (scenarios). Our loop builder allows you to automate your most time-consuming tasks in all departments of your company.

Interoperability at the heart of automation

Our solution facilitates the communication of IT systems by integrating connections within our loops editor. By connecting your different application systems through automation, you limit the risk of errors and your teams gain in productivity, efficiency and autonomy.

A time-saving solution

By automating certain tasks with our workflow creation module, our platform allows your teams to focus on your core business. Our goal is not to replace human resources but to free up your employees' time for more value-added and rewarding tasks.

Automation accompanied by experts

You will be accompanied by our logistics experts and IT developers, Docloop allows you to create customized loops that best meet your needs. A personalized follow-up is carried out during all the stages of use of the platform.

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