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What changes does DELTA/IE bring?

Reading time:
6 minutes
What changes does DELTA/IE bring?

What changes does DELTA/IE bring?

Reading time:
6 minutes
What changes does DELTA/IE bring?

Some time ago, services such as DELTA G and X provided beneficiaries of the simplified import customs clearance procedure with an open, digital tool for transmitting declarations to customs. 

Since the second half of 2023, DELTA/IE (import/export) has been gradually replacing these services! For trade professionals such as: international trade operators, registered customs representatives and related IT service providers, many changes have followed the introduction of this new IT system! Here are some explanations.

Understanding DELTA/IE

Launched by the customs authorities, DELTA IE (Déclaration d'Échanges de Services en Ligne pour les Importations et Exportations) is the new customs procedure set up to eventually replace all existing customs clearance applications (DELTA G, ECS BS, DELTA X Import and DELTA X Export).

In short, DELTA/IE is an accessible online software application that simplifies and accelerates the process of sending customs declarations in a more efficient and transparent way. It provides a method for declaring goods and services in transit - whether for import or export - between the European Union and third countries.

However, it is important to note that customs clearance for shipments under €150 remains under the aegis of DELTA H7.

Who benefits from DELTA/IE?

The beneficiaries of the DELTA/IE service are: companies in France and the European Union who trade (import and export) outside the EU

This service also covers commercial transactions between mainland France and overseas territories!

The changes brought about by DELTA/IE

The introduction of DELTA I/E into the national and international customs landscape will bring many changes and unprecedented simplifications for those involved in international trade.

Transition to an electronic system

DELTA I/E replaces the Single Administrative Document (SAD) with an electronic submission of data sets to customs, simplifying and modernizing the customs declaration process.

Customs declaration in book-entry form (IED) 

Eventually, certain operators will be able to submit a customs declaration in the form of an entry in their records, subject to prior authorization by customs. In other words, DELTA/IE offers a new declaration mode.

Exemption for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)

AEOs benefit from exemption from notification of goods presentation under FDI. This means greater procedural flexibility!

Reminder of eligibility conditions for obtaining authorized economic operator status

Extension of rectification and invalidation deadlines

Deadlines for electronic rectification and invalidation requests have been extended to three years. This broadens the range of items that can be rectified online, enabling operators to react more quickly.

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Automatic notification of declaration checks 

Unlike previous systems, DELTA I/E automatically informs operators when their customs declarations have been placed under control. This provides greater transparency and visibility throughout the customs clearance process.

Automated data exchange system (DCC)

With DELTA/IE, authorized Community centralized customs clearance operators benefit from a fully automated exchange system between member states for managing their operations. This further simplifies processes.

Transition to REST exchanges via web services and the "json" format: 

The system operates via REST exchanges using web services over the Internet, eliminating the need for the "Mareva" messaging service, improving availability and processing times.

In short, every change introduced by DELTA I/E represents a considerable step forward in facilitating and modernizing customs declaration operations for those involved in international trade.

In conclusion

‍DELTA/IEis set to revolutionize customs procedures, gradually replacing older systems. 

This platform simplifies declarations by adopting an electronic process. It offers :

  • Extended deadlines for rectifications,
  • Automated controls and 
  • Greater transparency. 

International trade operators benefit from smoother, more efficient procedures, marking a significant step forward in the modernization of customs operations.