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Docloop joins the Hub France IA network

Reading time:
4 minutes
Docloop joins the Hub France IA network

Docloop joins the Hub France IA network

Reading time:
4 minutes
Docloop joins the Hub France IA network

The Hub France IA association is a platform which - in partnership with companies - offers solutions powered by artificial intelligence, to meet the various challenges of the business world. Recently, Docloop joined the network, alongside a host of other entities including Alogocat, Contentside and June. A win-win collaboration for Hub and Docloop alike. 

Hub France IA: what is it?

The Hub France IA is a non-profit association working to encourage the development and adoption of responsible, ethical and sovereign artificial intelligence within the economic ecosystem. 

With over 200 members and partners, including start-ups, SMEs, ETIs, large companies and institutions, its primary objective is tosupport the implementation of the national strategy for artificial intelligence.

A federating and supportive reference in the field of AI

Hub France IA is a reference in the field of artificial intelligence. With its dedicated team and partnerships, HUB monitors technological advances and legislative developments in the field of AI, both in France and in Europe. This vigilance enables it to anticipate trends and propose solutions adapted to the current and future challenges of AI. 

As a creator of spaces for exchange and sharing, the association brings together key players in the sector. These meetings encourage the exchange of knowledge, collaboration and the emergence of new ideas. In addition, Hub France IA promotes the visibility of all AI players to create an environment conducive to the development of synergies!

Finally, the association is committed tosupporting the adoption and upskilling of economic players in the field of AI. Through awareness-raising and acculturation actions, it passes on information to businesses on the issues, opportunities and challenges associated with AI. By providing resources and tools, Hub France IA helps projects integrate AI into their industrial and sustainable development strategies.

Strategic partnerships

The partnership with Hub France IA gives companies access to cutting-edge expertise in the field of artificial intelligence

With its team of qualified professionals, Hub France IA helps different projects exploit the full potential of the revolutionary technology that is AI.

Companies that have said yes to Hub France IA

Today, there are a large number of members (150) and partners (50) in the Hub France IA network. Here are just a few of them:

  • La Banque Postale
  • Callity
  • Soft Law
  • Tellus
  • Predicity
  • Société Générale
  • France Tv 
  • Neovison 
  • Newsbridge
  • ipanemads
  • SNCF, among others. 

Docloop joins the Hub France IA ecosystem 

Docloop is a platform known for revolutionizing logistics interoperability thanks to AI. The start-up - an expert in transport and logistics - is taking up the challenge of decarbonization by making document exchanges interoperable between all private and public operators in the supply chain.

Docloop is an all-in-one solution, quick to deploy and easy to integrate with existing systems

European player 

Docloop is strongly committed to European AI sovereignty. The platform actively participates in European initiatives and working groups such as eFTI (Electronic Freight Transport Information) and eInvoicing, which aim to promote common standards and practices to facilitate the exchange of electronic documents in the transport and logistics sector.

Two platforms with mutual benefits

Docloop is a benefactor member of Hub France IA, and is involved in various working groups, including the Transport and Logistics WG, whose aim is to reference and highlight AI innovations that can impact the sector. Docloop will also benefit from the advantages offered by the Hub, such as exchanges with the various players, the opportunity to take part in AI-related events, the identification of synergies between players, etc.

It is through the commitment and collaboration of experts in the field that France and Europe will become competitive and successful in the field of AI, and Docloop wishes to fully play its role as a catalyst for digital transformation.