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Opening transit & transport files, reconciling accounting invoices, archiving and control, customs declarations: Docloop helps you automate your internal processes.

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Reliability and time savings

You can automate all the manual data entry inherent in each stage of your document management processes, while retaining control over the data exchanged.

Reduce your processing costs

You reduce data entry errors and cut processing times.

Easy to implement

Our experts will help you integrate Docloop quickly and easily into your internal processes.

Automation with Docloop

Docloop automates most of your teams' daily tasks. This saves a considerable amount of time and avoids many manual input errors.

Automatic opening of transport files

Docloop's automatic transport file opening reduces the manual tasks and errors associated with file opening. Information such as shipment details, customer contact details and necessary documents are automatically extracted and used to create a complete and accurate transport file.

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Automatic invoice reconciliation

Automatic invoice reconciliation automates the time-consuming process of matching invoices to shipments. Docloop automatically compares shipment details, such as tracking numbers, dates and quantities, with the corresponding invoice information.

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Automated archiving and control

Automated archiving and control enables efficient management of transport documents, while guaranteeing their conformity and traceability. It automates the archiving of documents in appropriate locations, facilitates their subsequent retrieval thanks to advanced search functions, and ensures their control by applying specific access authorizations.

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Automatic addition of BL instructions

Docloop automates the process of adding specific instructions to delivery notes. It allows you to define pre-established instruction templates based on the specific requirements of customers or business partners. When a delivery note is created, the corresponding instructions are automatically added according to the predefined criteria.

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Automated management of price lists

Docloop facilitates the management and updating of tariffs in the transport and logistics sector. It automates the process of creating, modifying and publishing tariffs, taking into account different parameters such as geographical zones, types of goods, modes of transport, etc. This ensures that tariffs are always up-to-date and consistent. This ensures that tariffs are always up-to-date and consistent.

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Automatic creation of customs declarations

Automatic customs declaration creation automates and simplifies the complex process of preparing customs declarations. It automatically extracts relevant information, such as shipment details, tariff codes and applicable customs regulations, and generates a compliant and accurate customs declaration. This reduces errors, speeds up the customs clearance process and ensures regulatory compliance.

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